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Student Drivers face £1000 fine for failing to update their Driving Licence

Are you a student who has recently moved into new student accommodation? BEWARE, as nearly 500,000 Students across the country risk having to pay heavy fines, and also invalidating their insurance polices.

Why? For failing to update their driving licence and vehicle documents (V5c Log book) V5c_edited.jpgwith their new address details, and declaring their new address to their Car Insurers!

It is a legal requirement that any address change, even if it is temporary, is declared to the DVLA.  Which could land an offender with a £1000 fine.

However, motorists are also required to update their car insurance documents with their new address.

As spokesman for GoCompare recently stated

‘Failing to notify your insurer of changes to circumstances, including your address, could result in you being refused when claiming on your insurance”.

”A change of postcode will see your premium fluctuate due to factors like crime rate, risk of accident and how built up the area is, so it’s essential you are keeping your insurer up to date, as they need to assess the risk of your vehicle and adjust your premium accordingly.”

”If your car is registered at an address in a city, but you’re moving to an out of town campus, you could see your premium go down, whereas if you’re used to living more rurally, you could see your premium increase if you’re taking your car to a city.”

Go compare estimate nearly 1/2 a million UK Students will take their car to university this term. And many who have to claim on that insurance may find not updating their address, may invalidate their policy, and be refused the claim.

So make sure you update your change of address with the DVLA, so your  Driving licence, and V5C log book have the relevant changes. (Link to DVLA WEBSITE – Address changes ) But possibly more importantly advise your ensurer to avoid any nasty surprises.

Driving Lessons Blackpool and Fylde Coast

Graduated Driving Licences?


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Following Government reports that suggest that as many as 25% of newly qualified drivers are involved in an accident in the first two years of driving, with around 400 seriously injured. PM Theresa May announced in February that she had tasked the Department for Transport to look into a ‘Graduated Driving Licence’ scheme.

What does this mean? How will affect New drivers?

The RAC issued a Blog in June this year exploring the topic, as did the national press

Is it a good idea, or just a hinderance to what would be mainly young people.

Follow the links below and decide for your self

RAC article

National Press Article