Superb! Pass from my first attempt!! John always made me feel calm, even though I was very nervous the first time learner! Superb service, super punctual and very good instructor. Thank you. Highly recommended!

Kat Smirnova who passed her test first time with JFM Driving Tuition_edited
Jakaterina Smirnova from Poulton-Le-Fylde who passed her Driving Test first time. – 08 Mar 2019

Kat Smirnova – JFM Driving Tuition – Yell review 08 Mar 19



Superb! Pass from my first attempt!!

I have been learning to drive with John and I have enjoyed every moment of it! John is such an amazing, professional driving instructor who has a real passion in passing his students first time and safely.

I took my test last week and what can I say… I PASSED FIRST TIME! There were times where I wanted to give up but John pushed me and always told me to believe in myself and WE did it!!

I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment learning with John, he is such a nice, approachable guy who drives you to do your best but who also has a sense of humour which is very calming!

Thanks again John, you’ve been amazing! 🙂 I definantly would recommend.

Rebecca Sharman pass pic_edited.jpg
Rebecca Sharman – Passed first time – 7 Sept 18

Rebecca Sharman – Google Review 12 Sept 18


…I have enjoyed every moment of it!

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