Fantastic instructor, very patient and calming. I went from being terrified to drive to passing my test first time and it was all thanks to John. (I) Highly recommend JFM Driving Tuition.

Carl Bailey pass 29 Aug 19 1st time
Carl Bailey who passed first time  29-Aug-19 with JFM Driving Tuition

Carl Bailey – Google review 29 August 19

“Fantastic instructor, very patient and calming.”

Great instructor that I would recommend to anyone. John is very helpful and patient allowing me to learn at a good pace but fully understand how to control the car. couldn’t recommend enough!!!

Bailey Blakley from Poulton who passed 1st time with JFM Driving Tuition – 12/05/21

Bailey Blakely – Google Review – 13/05/21

Helpful and patient allowing me to learn at a good pace

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